Sipe’s citizenship under scrutiny

Published: 23/Dec/2014
Source: Malawi24

Malawi’s representative in the just ended Big Brother season nine reality show, Sipe has come under fire over her citizenship as reports indicate that she is ‘not a Malawian.’

As she was in the Big Brother house, speculations were all over the social media that Malawi was being represented by the one representative, Times TV presenter Mr 265 as rumours spread that Sipe is a Zambian.

Responding to the questions that were asked to her during the press conference after landing in the country through Kamuzu International Airport (KIA)in the capital city Lilongwe, the 24 year old singer was coy and only said she was is “half-half” both a Malawian and Zambian as she grew up in the neighbouring country Zambia.

“I was born and raised in Zambia but Iam a Malawian as well I am half-half” said Sipe.

Reports show that Sipe, real name Siphelire Chitambo, is a Malawian by Origin and a Zambian by birth however after auditions she gained a Malawian passport that was surely used to represent Malawi in the just ended Big Brother reality show which was won by a Tanzanian Idris.

Malawi was being represented by two people Sipe and Mr 265,Sipe reached in the finals while Mr 265 was evicted in the midlist of the show.

Since the beginning of Big Brother reality show Malawi as a country has never won the competition.

By Patience Madala

Themes: Dual Nationality
Regions: Southern Africa, Malawi
Year: 2014