Somalia: Constitution of Puntland State 2009

Published: 1/Dec/2009


Article 5 – THE PEOPLE
1. Citizens of Puntland are all those who are Puntlanders by birth and all others who acquire the status of Puntlander in accordance with the law.
2. Special law shall define the requirements to become a Puntlander, the right to reside in Puntland, and the acquisition of the status of Puntlander.

Article 39 – CITIZENSHIP
1. Any person who is a Puntlander by birth or who acquired the status of Puntlander in accordance with the law shall be recognized as a citizen of Puntland.
2. A citizen shall not lose his/her citizenship even if he/she acquires the citizenship of another country.

Download: Somalia Puntland-Constitution Dec2009

Themes: Acquisition by children, Dual Nationality
Regions: Somalia
Year: 2020