South Africa: Twitter storm after EFF MP Naledi Chirwa’s nationality questioned

Published: 9/Mar/2020
Source: Independent Online (South Africa)

Johannesburg – The “shaming” of individuals by questioning their nationality is in the spotlight after a tweet attacking EFF MP Naledi Chirwa.

Twitter user “Lerato Pillay” started the discussion on Sunday, when a user tweeted unsubstantiated allegations that Chirwa’s family had fraudulently obtained South African citizenship. The user insinuated there was political ammunition to use against the young EFF MP.

“One day I will make a thread on how Malawian Naledi Chirwa’s family fraudulently obtained South African citizenship. I will also shake the tables and expose their involvement in Nyawupe/whunga business in South Africa,” “Lerato Pillay” wrote.

Chirwa has not responded to the allegations, but many social media users came to her defence and highlighted that it is xenophobic to label individuals and question their identity based on differing political views.

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