Stateless in South Africa: ‘They were setting people alight’

Published: 26/Jan/2020
Source: Al Jazeera

A refugee describes fleeing violence in eastern DRC with her children only to face the fear of more in South Africa.

by Jamaine Krige & Yeshiel Panchia

In the third of a four-part series on South Africa’s stateless children, a woman describes fleeing violence in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in 2012, only to face discrimination and the fear of xenophobic attacks in South Africa, as well as the struggle to provide care for her undocumented children.

Beatrice Faida, 24: ‘They are killing people, setting people alight’

Now aged 24, Beatrice Faida fled violence in the DRC with her two small children in tow more than five years ago.

She is one of many thousands of displaced persons and refugees from across the African continent to have made their way to South Africa in search of safety and a better life. But since she arrived in South Africa, she has found herself embroiled in yet more turmoil.

While undocumented refugees and migrants struggle to get access to schooling, employment and healthcare, they have also endured a rise in xenophobic attacks.

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