Statelessness Bulletin January 2015

Published: 1/Jan/2015
Source: Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion

Including A Day in the Life of Liesl Muller

What does Lawyers for Human Rights’ work on statelessness look like?

Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR) is an implementing partner to UNHCR for statelessness. We focus on advocacy for the protection of stateless persons and solutions to statelessness in South Africa, including ratification of the 1954 and 1961 conventions. We aim to develop and strengthen law and policy through advocacy and litigation. Clients approach us for direct legal service in our legal clinics in three different cities in South Africa. Through direct legal advice, assistance and litigation we aim to increase the level of individual documentation. We also spend time building capacity to deal with statelessness in South Africa by training other NGO’s, social workers and attorneys. We like to raise awareness of the issue through interactions with the media and short films which provide an insight into our clients’ lives. We have released our first statelessness short film, The Belonging Part 1. We will be launching a Practitioner’s Guide to Statelessness and Nationality in February 2015.

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Themes: Statelessness
Regions: International, South Africa
Year: 2015