Sudan: Preventing Violence and Statelessness as Referendum Approaches

Published: 29/Juin/2010
Source: Refugees International

Sudan is preparing to hold a referendum on southern independence in January 2011 as mandated by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Indications suggest that the vote will be overwhelmingly in favor of separation. Although an explosion of full scale north-south war is not inevitable, the risk of new outbreaks of conflict in hotspot areas is all too real. If the south separates, southerners in the north and northerners in the south will be especially vulnerable to violence and loss of citizenship resulting in statelessness. The parties to the CPA, international donor governments and the United Nations must place urgent priority on preventing and responding to possible abuses.

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Themes: Succession d'États, Nouveaux Etats
Regions: Soudan du sud, Soudan
Year: 2010