Sudanese Nationality Act 1994, as amended 2006, 2011 & 2018

Published: 30/Dec/2018

Provisional Decree No. 18 of 18/8/1993 was adopted with amendments by resolution of the Transitional National Assembly No.59 of 3/5/1994 and by signature of the President of the Republic on 17/5/1994.

Amended by Miscellaneous Amendments Act No.1 of 2006, and by the Sudanese Nationality (Amendment) Acts of 2011 and 2018.

Unofficial English translation and consolidation:

Chapter II
Nationality by birth

Definition of Sudanese  national by birth

4.(1)  In respect of persons born before the coming into force of this Act, a person shall be Sudanese by birth if he satisfies the following conditions:

(a)      if he has already acquired Sudanese nationality by birth;
(b)      (i)  if he was born in Sudan or his father was born in Sudan; (ii) if he is residing in Sudan at the coming into force of this Act and he and his ancestors from the father’s side were residing in Sudan since 1/1/1956.
(c)      if neither the person nor his father were born in Sudan, he may, if he satisfies the requirements of para. (b)(ii), apply to the Minister to grant him Sudanese Nationality by birth.

(2)  A person born after the coming into force of this Act shall be Sudanese by birth if his father is Sudanese by birth at the time of his birth.

(3)  A person born to a Sudanese mother by birth shall be entitled to Sudanese Nationality by birth whenever he applies for it.

(4)  A person born to a parent who is a Sudanese national by naturalization shall be Sudanese birth if his parents acquired Sudanese nationality by naturalization domiciled in Sudan before his birth.

Nationality of children born to unknown parents

5. A person shall be Sudanese by birth until the contrary is proved, if found as a deserted minor of unknown parents.

Grant and Revocation of Nationality certificate

6. (1) The Minister shall grant a certificate of nationality by birth in the prescribed form to any Sudanese national by birth upon payment of the prescribed fees.

(2) The Minister may decide to revoke a certificate of Sudanese nationality by birth if the person has obtained it by fraud, forgery, misrepresentation or the concealment of any material fact; or other unlawful way.

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Themes: Acquisition of nationality, Loss and Deprivation of Nationality
Regions: Sudan
Year: 2018