Sudanese presidency calls for registration of South Sudanese refugees

Published: 9/Déc/2014

The Sudanese presidency has instructed aid agencies to register and determine the increasing number of South Sudanese refugees in Sudan.

In April, the United Nations office in Sudan disclosed that there had been a disagreement between the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) and the Sudanese government on the description of the South Sudanese citizens who fled to Sudan due to the ongoing conflict in the young nation.

Khartoum since the start of South Sudanese crisis last December refuses to describe them as refugees saying they will be treated like the Sudanese citizens and are free to settle where they want, but the UN says description of the fleeing southerners as refugees would enable them to secure the necessary funding from donors.

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Themes: Succession d'États, Nationalité des réfugiés
Regions: Afrique de l'Est, Soudan
Year: 2014