Symposium on Citizenship Issues in Sudan: Summary of Proceedings and Related Documents

Published: 7/Nov/2010
Source: UNHCR

Symposium on Citizenship Issues in Sudan Khartoum 6—7 November 2010 From foreword by Haile Menkerios, Special Representative of the Secretary-General, United Nations Mission in Sudan: « To assist the Sudanese with the task of developing their citizenship laws, we are issuing this publication, which was informed by the discussions at the recent UNHCR-UNMIS symposium. Besides a summary of the proceedings and the keynote address delivered by the Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees – Protection, the publication features international best practices in the form of the International Law Commission’s 1999 Draft Articles on Nationality of Natural Persons in relation to the Succession of States. The Draft Articles reflect the consensus on the current status of customary law on nationality in relation to state succession, and offer a coherent and thought-out collection of straightforward and objective provisions for consideration. »

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Themes: Succession d'États, Nouveaux Etats
Regions: Soudan du sud, Soudan
Year: 2010