Tanzania: ACT Wazalendo pushing for dual citizenship, not ‘special status’

Published: 20/Déc/2023
Source: The Citizen (Dar es Salaam)

By Paul Owere

Dar es Salaam. The recent announcement by Foreign Affairs Minister January Makamba about granting « special status » to the Tanzanian diaspora has drawn mixed reactions, with the opposition ACT Wazalendo party voicing strong reservations.

While acknowledging the Minister’s initiative, ACT Wazalendo argues that it amounts to mere ‘lipstick’ and falls short of the true recognition deserved by Tanzanians living abroad.

« For ACT Wazalendo, special status is just a cosmetic measure, » declared Ms Nasra Nassor Omar, the party’s Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs.

« What our fellow citizens scattered across the globe deserve is the full embrace of dual citizenship, not a halfway house with limited rights and privileges. »

Read further: https://www.thecitizen.co.tz/tanzania/news/act-wazalendo-pushing-for-dual-citizenship-not-special-status–4470344

Themes: Double Nationalité
Regions: Tanzanie
Year: 2023