Tanzania: State Calms Anxiety Tied to New Passport System

Published: 5/Fév/2018
Source: Tanzania Daily News

CONVENTIONAL passport holders still have enough time to acquire their new East African e-passport before the phasing out of the documents in January, 2020.

The clarification has been made by the Immigration Department Spokesperson, Superintendent of Police (SP) Ally Mtanda. He was speaking to the ‘Daily News’ in an exclusive interview, against the backdrop of widespread concerns amongst members of the public, following the launch, by President John Magufuli.

« The applicant will need to go to the Immigration website on the passport services, fill in forms and will be provided with a control number, after paying an initial 20,000/- fee. Thereafter, after getting print-outs, one would pop into immigration offices for subsequent procedures. » recently, of a new passport.


« New applicants will be required to pay 150,000/- and one of the conditions for acquiring the passport would be proof of Tanzanian citizenship, via the National Identity Card, as a safeguard against fraud, » he said. Mr Mtanda said the department had already introduced e-passport online application forms, to smoothen the process for Tanzanians resident abroad. « 


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