The international community is omniscient : a story of neglected former Rwandan refugees living in Zambia

Published: 4/Aug/2015
Source: The Rwandan

Paul Kagame has been denying the existence of Tutsi and Hutu ethnic groups in Rwanda since 1994.What is surprising from Paul Kagame is where he forcibly dictate to Hutus, even those who were not born in 1994, that they have to publicly ask to their compatriots Tutsis for forgiveness for the sins(if any) committed by some of their fellow Hutus back in that national tragedy.

Over the years,this policy has being rushed from top to bottom of the Rwandan administrative structures after that the Gacaca judiciary system has confined more than 1,500,000 Hutus and their entire families to a second class category of citizens.

This government campaign moves at a serious pace as reported by the EastAfrican, apparently because many high ranking government ‘Hutu officials’ (with DE JURE powers of cosmetic nature only) lead the apology queue, this only explains that there are Hutu dignitaries who are motivated by greed and ready to preserve their selfish interests without any consideration of their attitude on present and future generations of Rwandans, both Tutsis and Hutus.

It is critical to remember that for the Rwandan Patriotic Front to come to power it played the ethnic card of the Tutsis perpetual victims of the Hutus. It has persistently played it while it systematically oppressed, imprisoned, killed, deprived and discriminated the Hutu in the past two decades.


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Themes: ID Documents and Passports, Nationality and Refugees, Statelessness
Regions: Rwanda, Zambia
Year: 2015