The Quest for Legislating the Fulas as an Original Tribe or Ethnic Group of Liberia — A Review

Published: 21/Jul/2022
Source: Liberian Observer


Recently, as reported in a local daily, Fulas in Liberia are seeking recognition through Legislation to be recognized as one of the original ethnic groups of Liberia.

And the reason(s) underlying this appeal for recognition as one of the original ethnic groups of Liberia, according to a spokesperson, is due to their long presence and immense contribution, economic and otherwise, to Liberia.

The Constitution of Liberia provides for equal treatment before the law for all.  It also provides for the right of any individual of Negro descent to become a citizen of Liberia in keeping with the laws of Liberia.

The question which arises from such a proposition is whether Fulas in Liberia can rightly be classified as stateless persons/individuals as their quest for recognition appears to suggest.

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Themes: Discrimination, Ethnic/Racial/Religious
Regions: Liberia
Year: 2022