Tomana out of order on law of consent

Published: 20/Juin/2015
Source: New Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Prosecutor-General, Johannes Tomana, has had some odd things to say in the past, but none weirder than his latest comments on child rape and child marriage as published in The Chronicle last week.

The sum effect of his statements was that it’s not a problem if a man has sex with 12-year-old girl because she is capable of consenting and making decisions on marriage and, in fact, he would be doing the idle girl a favour by marrying her and giving her something to do.

The entire interview was outrageous and his views were scandalous. It would have been the best news to predators who prey on young girls. It is hard to see how a man occupying such a senior role in the justice system and with the responsibility to protect children, could hold such parochial and medieval views on a matter of such gravity.

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Themes: Double Nationalité
Regions: Zimbabwe, Afrique australe
Year: 2015