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Limiting presidential eligibility could drive deep divides in the DRC

Published: 24/Aug/2021
Source: Institute for Security Studies (South Africa)

The proposed Congolité law could inflame violence in a country devastated by more than two decades of conflict. by David Zounmenou Early in July, Noel Tshiani, a 2018 presidential candidate with the support of some Members of Parliament, proposed amending…

Tanzania: NIDA IDs for civic services, or not?

Published: 16/Jul/2021
Source: African Law and Technology Institute (Dar es Salaam) / Research ICT Africa (Cape Town)

RIA is working with 10 African partners evaluating the rollout of digital ID systems in their respective countries under the auspices of our BIO-ID project. Our country partners are summarising their findings in blogs, and in this installation, Dr Patricia…

Western Sahara: From colonial subjects to stateless refugees

Published: 8/Jul/2021
Source: European Network on Statelessness

Aminetou Errer Bouzeid, LEFRIG Project Coordinator and Social Worker The exact number of people who were forcibly displaced in the 1970s to the Tindouf refugee camps set up by the Algerian state is unknown, but estimated at hundreds of thousands…

Western Sahara: Political limbo and statelessness in Africa’s last colony

Published: 1/Apr/2021
Source: European Network on Statelessness

By Danielle Smith – Founding Director, Sandblast Arts and Dr. Violeta Ruano The Saharawi people have been stateless for over 40 years since Western Sahara was occupied by Morocco in 1975. Danielle Smith, Founding Director of Sandblast Arts, and Dr.…

‘Legal identity for all’: What’s at stake for democracy in Africa

Published: 21/Mar/2021
Source: Democracy in Africa

By Bronwen Manby In September 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), painstakingly elaborated by the combined mass of global development actors, established the target that states should, by 2030, ‘provide legal identity for all, including birth registration’. The SDG target…

Who Are Kenya’s 42+ ‘Tribes’? and Should We Be Asking?

Published: 5/Mar/2021
Source: The Elephant (Nairobi)

Asking whether or not the census should continue to count ethnic groups is one way into the difficult conversation about how to reckon with the legacies of colonial weaponisation of ethnicity. By Samantha Balaton-Chrimes It was a hot and dusty…

National ID in Lesotho is putting citizens at the center

Published: 22/Feb/2021
Source: World Bank

By Rachel Ort & Tumelo Raboletsi By putting people at the center, Lesotho’s Department of National ID and Civil Registry (NICR) in the Ministry of Home Affairs is laying a solid foundation for a simpler, more efficient government. Trusted and…

Kenya: What Code is Your [TRIBE]?

Published: 18/Dec/2020
Source: The Elephant (Nairobi)

Kenyan demographers seem blind to the politics of identity and belonging. Yet the codification and recognition of tribe or ethnicity in Kenya has evolved into an exercise that gives – or denies – people political and social visibility. By Dalle…