National Laws and Regulations

Organic Law N° 002/2021.OL of 16/07/2021 governing Rwandan Nationality

Published: 16/Jul/2021

Repeals and replaces Organic Law nº 30/2008 of 25/07/2008 CHAPTER II: APPLYING FOR AND GRANTING RWANDAN NATIONALITY Section One: Applying for Rwandan nationality Subsection One: Applying for Rwandan nationality by origin Article 5: Person eligible to apply for Rwandan nationality…

Botswana Citizenship (Amendment) Bill No. 9 of 2020

Published: 10/Jul/2020

CITIZENSHIP (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2020 (Published on 10th July, 2020) MEMORANDUM 1. A draft of the above Bill, which it is intended to be presented to the National Assembly is set out below. 2. The object of the Bill is to…

Cameroun: Avant-projet de loi portant Code des personnes et de la famille

Published: 27/Jun/2020

En francais et anglais / in English and French. Titre IV (arts. 76-114) concerne la nationalité / Title IV (arts. 76-114) concerns nationality. Extracts: ARTICLE 81 : Tout Camerounais justifiant d’une autre nationalité conserve la nationalité camerounaise, sauf répudiation de…