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UNHCR Campaign to End Statelessness Update October – December 2022

Published: 16/Fév/2023
Source: UNHCR

Extracts relevant to Africa: Implementation of the Global Action Plan Action 1: Resolve existing major situations of statelessness On 12 December, during Kenya’s 59th Jamhuri Day (Independence day) celebrations, President Dr. William Ruto announced that the Government will “initiate modalities […]

Addressing Statelessness Through the Rule of Law

Published: 6/Déc/2022
Source: UNHCR / IDLO

More than 4.3 million people are stateless—that is, they are not recognized as a national by any country. Stateless people are often denied access to education, health care, employment, property ownership, freedom of movement, and political participation, and they are […]

UNHCR Campaign to End Statelessness Update July-September 2022

Published: 5/Déc/2022
Source: UNHCR

Extracts relevant to Africa: Top events and news• Liberia becomes the third country since the start of the #IBelong Campaign to reform legislation to grant women and men equal rights in passing on their nationality to their children.• Nigeria adopts […]

Statelessness and its Risk in Angola and for Angolans Living Abroad

Published: 1/Déc/2022
Source: UNHCR

By Michael Offermann Summary Angola has actively embraced the 10-year #IBelong campaign do eradicate statelessness that UNHCR launched in 2014. The country participated in the 2017 Regional Conference of the Members States of the International Conference of the Great Lakes […]

L’Apatridie en Afrique Australe Bulletin Trimestriel: Trimestre 3 2022

Published: 22/Nov/2022
Source: Southern Africa Nationality Network / UNHCR / Lawyers for Human Rights

Le Réseau d’Afrique australe pour la nationalité (SANN), en partenariat avec le HCR, publie un bulletin trimestriel sur l’apatridie en Afrique australe. Le bulletin présente des mises à jour d’organisations et d’institutions œuvrant à éradiquer l’apatridie dans la région et […]

Une mise a jour statistique sur l’enregistrement des naissances en Afrique

Published: 21/Oct/2022
Source: UNICEF

C’est en enregistrant sa naissance que la société reconnaît pour la première fois l’existence et l’identité d’un enfant. Le droit à la personnalité juridique est crucial pour bénéficier d’une protection tout au long de la vie et peut favoriser la […]

Zimbabwe: Country Report

Published: 1/Oct/2022
Source: Asylum Research Centre for UNHCR

October 2022 (COI between 1st January 2020 and 31st August 2022) Background: This report presents Country of Origin Information (COI) on Zimbabwe focusing on a range of profiles identified to be of relevance in refugee status determination for Zimbabwean nationals. […]

UNHCR Campaign to End Statelessness Update April-June 2022

Published: 5/Août/2022
Source: UNHCR

Extracts relevant to Africa: Top events and news • 15 civil society and legal aid organizations established the Eastern Africa Nationality Network. • Three pledges from the 2019 High Level Segment on Statelessness were fully or partially implemented in Georgia, […]

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