UNHCR Cote d’Ivoire Report on Statelessness 2023

Published: 28/Mar/2024
Source: UNHCR

Highlights Côte d’Ivoire has publicly committed to fighting statelessness since 2013, which has earned the country recognition as a leader in this field in Africa. UNHCR continues to support Côte d’Ivoire in preventing statelessness and identifying, protecting, and seeking solutions […]

Kenya: Crafting a democratic blueprint: Designing digital identity systems for the people

Published: 12/Mar/2024
Source: Haki na Sheria (Garissa, Kenya)

Introduction The concept of citizenship, a dynamic and multifaceted reality, has evolved significantly throughout history and across diverse cultures, societies, and ideologies. As articulated by Aristotle, the distinction between being a good person and a good citizen underscores the intricate […]

Digital ID in Kenya: An Advisory Policy Paper providing a roadmap to the implementation of a Rights Respecting Digital ID Regime in Kenya

Published: 31/Jan/2024
Source: Amnesty International Kenya & Strathmore University

Introduction The Government of Kenya has prioritised improvement of service delivery to its citizens through leveraging Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the reform strategy/agenda. Many of the services are also revenue streams for the government that it intends to […]

Statelessness in Southern Africa Newsletter Q3 2023

Published: 7/Nov/2023
Source: Southern Africa Nationality Network (SANN) and UNHCR

Extracts On August 16th SANN, SADC Alternatives to Detention Network (SADC ADT), Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR), Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town (Scalabrini), and the Centre for Child Law (CCL) participated in the annual SADC People’s Summit in Angola and […]

Statelessness in Southern Africa Newsletter Q3 2023 – South Africa

Published: 26/Sep/2023
Source: Southern Africa Nationality Network (SANN) and UNHCR

Extract On 26 September, the United Nations Committee of the Rights of the Child (UN CRC) conducted a pre-sessional review of South Africa. This review provided an opportunity for the CRC to engage directly with children and children’s rights advocates, […]

SADC People’s Summit Declaration 2023

Published: 18/Aug/2023
Source: Southern African People’s Solidarity Network

Extract MIGRATION AND STATELESSNESS In recognition of SADC States’ obligations under various international and regional conventions and treaties to protect the dignity and rights of all persons, including their rights against cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment and arbitrary deprivation of […]

Statelessness in Southern Africa | Newsletter Quarter 2 | 2023

Published: 7/Aug/2023
Source: Southern Africa Nationality Network (SANN) and UNHCR

Extracts relating to developments in law and policy: Eswatini On 06 April, an application was made at the High Court of the Kingdom of Eswatini ( Eswatini) to declare laws limiting the passing of citizenship from swazi women to their […]

Eastern Africa Nationality Network Strategic Roadmap

Published: 27/Jul/2023
Source: East African Nationality Network

The Formation of the Eastern Africa Nationality Network In May 2022, fifteen civil society organisations (the “EANN Founding Members”) came together to establish and launch the Eastern Africa Nationality Network (EANN). EANN aims to cover a geographic scope including Eastern […]

South Africa: Submissions on the National Identification Registration Bill

Published: 30/Jun/2023
Source: Lawyers for Human Rights and Centre for Child Law

Summary: LHR and CCL is pleased to see that the Bill proposes provisions which allow for identity numbers which contain a non-binary gender marker; as well as the establishment of a database recording the details of non-nationals. We congratulate the […]

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