Uganda: Bill Allowing Dual Citizenship Passed

Published: 10/Jun/2009
Source: Library of Congress (Washington DC)

(June 10, 2009) It was reported on May 17, 2009, that the Ugandan Parliament has passed into law a bill allowing dual citizenship and sent it to the President’s desk for signature (Uganda Citizenship and Immigration Control (Amendment) Bill of 2008). (Henry Mukasa & Catherine Bekunda, Parliament Passes Dual Citizenship Law, THE NEW VISION, May 17, 2009, available at

The law precludes holders of dual citizenship from qualifying for certain high positions in government and the military, including those of President, minister, inspector general, head of the armed forces, or commanding officer. In addition, the holder of dual citizenship will be precluded from heading the police forces, intelligence organs, or any department in charge of the records, personnel, and logistics of any branch of the army. (Id.)

Chairman of the Defense and Internal Affairs Committee, Mathias Kasamba, stated that the new law will give Ugandans abroad who lost their Ugandan citizenship due to the fact that Uganda did not allow dual citizenship the opportunity to regain their citizenship. Kasamba noted, “[t]he legislation will also give citizenship to none[sic]-Ugandan nationals who are making enormous contribution to our nation, and would wish to attain Ugandan citizenship.” (Id.)

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