Uganda to begin nationwide distribution of biometric ID cards to citizens

Published: 13/Nov/2020
Source: Biometric Update

by Ayang Macdonald

The National Identification Registration Authority of Uganda (NIRA) says it will begin a nationwide process on 23 November to distribute digital ID cards to some of its citizens who have successfully applied for the document and enrolled their biometrics but are yet to pick them up after production.

NIRA is the body in charge of managing official personal identity issues in Uganda and is at the forefront of the country’s efforts toward establishing a digital identity backed by fingerprint biometrics for all Ugandans.

In a series of recent tweets on its official Twitter page, NIRA told Ugandans to be prepared for the process that is scheduled to take place for 15 days beginning 23 November at Sub-County level in all of the country’s 111 districts. The exercise is expected to end on 7 December, according to NIRA.

NIRA added that in order for the process to be smooth and effective, it will put a list at the disposal of village area Local Council Chairpersons detailing names of persons whose IDs have been produced but are yet to be signed out.

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