UNHCR and NGOs to reinstate returnees in danger of statelessness in Chad

Published: 9/May/2017
Source: International Business Times

By Elsa Buchanan

Humanitarian organisations in Chad have commenced an identification operation to help Chadian returnees at risk of statelessness to get documentation.

With nearly 400,000 refugees on its territory, including more than 71,000 people from the Central African Republic (CAR), Chad is one of the main refugee host countries in Africa and the world.

Since 2014, thousands of Chadian migrants or descendants of Chadian migrants who were living in Central African Republic (CAR) were force to return to Chad as they fled a volatile security situation in the CAR.

In their desperate flight for safety, at least 16,718 left behind vital identification documents including birth certificates or ID cards, and have no way of proving who they are.

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Themes: ID Documents and Passports, Statelessness
Regions: Central African Republic, Chad
Year: 2017