UNHCR Campaign to End Statelessness Update April – June 2023

Published: 27/Déc/2023
Source: UNHCR

Extracts relevant to Africa:

In Côte d’Ivoire, the Department of Aid and Assistance to Refugees and Stateless Persons drafted and validated standard operating procedures
(SOPs) for the implementation of the statelessness
determination procedure during a workshop on 26 and 27 April. The SOPs outline procedural standards and clarify the roles of different actors involved in identifying and referring cases of potential stateless migrants to the competent authorities.

In Burkina Faso, UNHCR provided technical and financial support to civil registration authorities which resulted in the issuance of birth  certificates to over 4,000 internally displaced persons and host community members in Boucle du Mouhoun, Centre-East, Hauts-Bassins, and South-West regions.

In Kenya, the Government carried out a nationality confirmation exercise in Kwale, Kilifi, and Mombasa counties from 2 March to 7 April, in partnership with UNHCR and the NGO Haki Centre. The initiative resulted in the submission of 1,894 applications for Kenyan ID cards and the processing of 2,195 birth certificates for members of the Pemba community.

The Government of Burkina Faso, with the support of UNHCR, collected biometric data of over 9,000 internally displaced persons and members of the host community who are at risk of statelessness in the Boucle du Mouhoun, Centre-East, Hauts-Bassins, and South-West regions, in order to issue them with national identity cards.

Download update: https://www.refworld.org/reference/news/unhcr/2023/en/147131

Themes: Acquisition par les enfants, Apatridie, Cartes d’identité et passeports, Enregistrement des naissances, Normes internationales, Naturalisation et le mariage, Nationalité des réfugiés
Regions: Burkina Faso, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire
Year: 2023