What is a South African anyway?

Published: 7/Jul/2014
Source: Eyewitness News/wiser.wits.ac.za

By Khadija Patel

In the gritty Johannesburg suburb of Mayfair a family was last month rejected as tenants of a new block of flats when a caretaker said the building enforced a strict ‘no foreigners’ rule.

Never mind the dubious ‘rule’, the family was at pains to point out that were actually South African.

Not only was the couple in possession of South African citizenship, having being naturalised South Africans of Pakistani origin, each of their three children had been born in South Africa itself: in the platteland of the Northern Cape.

They waved their passports in vain. Their touted credentials as South Africans did not meet the caretaker’s standards.

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Themes: Naturalisation and Marriage, ID Documents and Passports
Regions: Southern Africa, South Africa
Year: 2014