Zambia to eradicate statelessness through national plan

Published: 6/Sep/2019
Source: SADC News

Zambia has announced a National Action Plan to battle the statelessness becoming the first country in the SADC region which decided to implement such policies.

This comes 5 years after the United Nations launched its decade-long campaign aimed at ending the devastating legal limbo of statelessness which affects millions and millions of people globally.

In order to support such an initiative, the Zambian government has formed a National Taskforce comprised of various departments’ and agencies’ members and experts. Together, the qualified specialists will help the project go through concluding and adopting stages.

Once fully implemented, the plan will ensure no child is born stateless (not having a nationality) in Zambia and will grant a protection status to the stateless migrants and facilitate their naturalisation, as well as ensure the birth registration for the prevention of statelessness in the country.

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