Zimbabwe: Election Watch 7-2017 — ZEC Press Statement on Voter Registration for Zimbabwean Citizens whose National IDs are Marked “ALIEN”

Published: 4/Août/2017
Source: Veritas Zimbabwe

Election Watches 5/2017 and 6/2017 outlined the new Electoral (Voter Registration) Regulations, 2017 [SI 85/2017].  The full text of the SI is available on the Veritas website [link].  The regulations, along with related provisions of the Electoral Act, lay down how the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC] will carry out its constitutional responsibility for the registration of voters.

This bulletin goes into more detail on proof of citizenship for those Zimbabwean citizens whose national IDs are incorrectly marked “ALIEN”.  The number of persons in this position is believed to be substantial.

Proof of Citizenship

Anyone claiming registration as a voter must satisfy a ZEC voter registration officer that he or she is a citizen of Zimbabwe.   SI 85/2017 lists the three documents that are acceptable for this purpose – a Zimbabwean identity document [metal or plastic], a “waiting pass” with a photograph of the holder; or a valid Zimbabwean passport.

Whichever of these three documents is produced by a claimant, it must “legibly show that the claimant is a citizen of Zimbabwe” [section 4].

All three of these documents originate from the Registrar-General’s Office.

A Problem for Citizens of Zimbabwe Holding “ALIEN” IDs

There are many Zimbabweans who in terms of the Constitution are entitled to call themselves citizens of Zimbabwe, and are otherwise qualified to vote, but whose ID documents do not show that they are citizens of Zimbabwe.  Instead of the word “CIT” [indicating citizen] their ID documents bear the word “ALIEN” or “NCR” [indicating non-citizen resident].

How can these persons get themselves registered as voters when their IDs do not show citizenship?

ZEC cannot help.  It will not register a claimant who does not produce an identity document showing citizenship.  And its mandate does not include responsibility for citizenship matters, and the issuing of IDs and waiting passes and passports.  Those are matters for the Registrar-General’s Office.

Read complete bulletin: http://www.veritaszim.net/node/2153

Themes: Inscription aux listes électorales
Regions: Zimbabwe
Year: 2017