Zimbabwe: Home Delivered Babies in Birth Registration Dilemma

Published: 20/Nov/2019
Source: The Herald (Harare)

Ms Esther Zinyoro of Mbare, Harare, also known as Mbuya Gwena, has become an overnight sensation due to the assistance she has been rendering to expecting mothers, most of whom were stranded after council nurses went on strike citing incapacitation.

Most people have spoken glowingly about the work she has been doing under challenging circumstances.

Between Sunday night and mid-morning on Monday, Mbuya Gwena, who stays a stone’s throw from Edith Opperman maternity clinic, has assisted 17 women.

On average, Mbuya Gwena is assisting 13 women to deliver on a daily basis.

Her case highlights what has been happening in different parts of the city, where expecting mothers are now resorting to home deliveries in the wake of the strike by council nurses.

While Mbuya Gwena is doing a great job, the challenge that her « clients » face is that of obtaining documentation for the newborn babies.

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