Zimbabwe: Passport is a human right, says Mudenda

Published: 2/Oct/2020
Source: Bulawayo24

SPEAKER of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda has said a passport is a human right and not a privilege because it affords people the right to movement as enshrined in the Constitution.

Mudenda made the remarks while officiating at the launch of the national inquiry on access to documentation hosted by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) in Harare on Wednesday.

Mudenda said the denial of primary rights which anchor on self-identify of individuals should never be attenuated through the lack of access to fundamental rights.

“A person without a birth certificate and an identity card is Stateless, and worse still, has no claim of citizenship inclusive of the attendant rights, one becomes unwittingly a foreigner in the land of birth,” Mudenda said.

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Themes: Birth Registration, ID Documents and Passports, Statelessness
Regions: Zimbabwe
Year: 2020