Zimbabwe: Posa, Police Act set for amendment

Published: 11/Jan/2018
Source: Zimbabwe Mail

GOVERNMENT is set to amend the Public Order and Security Act (Posa), the Police Act as well as the Citizenship Act as part of an initiative to align legislation with the Constitution.

Outlining his Ministry’s 100 day plan, Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi said the Home Affairs Ministry under which the said laws fall, was lagging behind in terms of complying with the new Constitution as it has not amended a single law.


Registrar General Mr Tobaiwa Mudede has previously insisted that Government will not seek to re-align the Citizenship Act with the Constitution but would instead amend the supreme law to abolish provisions allowing dual citizenship.

The new Constitution allows for one to hold dual citizenship and Mr Mudede has said this posed a number of security challenges for the country.

Mr Mudede said some of the challenges include cases of tax evasion, evasion from justice, and involvement in cases of human trafficking, international terrorism and problems in immigration control. He said Sections 36, 37 and 43 of the (new) Constitution had to be amended.


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