Zimbabwe to strip dual-nationals who support MDC of citizenship

Published: 1/Apr/2019
Source: PaZimbabwe.com

President Mnangagwa said he would strip dual-nationals who support opposition Movement for Democratic Change  (MDC) and other sanctions supporting groups of their Zimbabwe citizenship, the latest move by Zanu PF  government to deal with the threat posed by homegrown political radicals.

By Lex Vambe

Nick Ndabanengi Mangwana, the spokeswoman for the Zimbabwe information ministry, said ministers and the government had agreed that, in future, anyone with dual nationality “who have taken part in combat operations for opposition party MDC will forfeit their Zimbabwe citizenship”.

But loud mouth Deputy minister of information Energy Mutodi has so far contradicted his superiors saying the directive from VP Chiwenga said it would only take action against culprits on a “case by case” basis.

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Themes: Dual Nationality, Loss and Deprivation of Nationality
Regions: Zimbabwe
Year: 2019