This website is a resource for all those working to ensure respect for the right to a nationality and an end to statelessness on the African continent. The website contains a database on nationality and statelessness in Africa featuring national laws and subsidiary legislation, reports and academic articles, news stories and blog postings, and other resources. There are currently over 3,500 items in the database. The website is hosted by the International Refugee Rights Initiative, and maintained by Bronwen Manby and Djibril Balde, on behalf of an informal network of organisations, individuals and experts in Africa working for the right to nationality and an end to statelessness in Africa. If you would like your organisation’s work to feature on the website, please contact us at crai@citizenshiprightsafrica.org.

How to use the website:

The website is arranged by region and by country, and by theme.  The regions are made up of the countries recognised by the African Union (AU) as the five regions of Africa for the purposes of representation within the AU’s structures (which are not always the same as the membership of the different regional economic communities, or RECs).  Each region, country and theme has its own page within the site, which you can find by using the fixed menu bar above (or the menu symbol for the mobile site). On that page you will find an introductory text, highlighted key resources, links to the most recent postings to the site, and search boxes enabling a more focused search within that region, country or theme. In addition there is a search page, which, by default, lists all items in the database in order of publication, the most recent first. The search page features the same boxes that appear on the country and theme pages, which allow for search by region, country, theme, sub-theme, type of document, and the year published.  The search page also provides for a keyword search of all the items within the website, which searches both headings and text of the document, as well as tags added when it is uploaded to the site.