CEDAW Concluding Observations: Tunisia, 2010

Published: 5/Nov/2010
Source: UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women



The Committee notes with interest the information provided by the delegation about the draft law amending article 6 of the Nationality Code. It remains concerned, however, that the Nationality Code does not provide women with the same rights as men to acquire or transmit their Tunisian nationality. In particular, the Committee is concerned that children born in Tunisia automatically acquire Tunisian nationality through male ascendants, but not through female ascendants. It is further concerned that Tunisian women cannot pass their nationality on to their foreign husbands, unlike Tunisian men who have such right by marriage, and that the children of Tunisian women married to foreigners are still encountering obstacles in acquiring Tunisian nationality.

The Committee requests the State party to expedite the adoption of the draft bill amending article 6 of the Nationality Code and to continue harmonizing its Nationality Code with article 9 of the Convention . It also recommends that the State party withdraw its reservation concerning article 9, paragraph 2 .

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Themes: International standards, Discrimination, Gender, Naturalisation and Marriage
Regions: Tunisia
Year: 2010