South Sudan Nationality Regulations 2011

Published: 29/Déc/2011

General Procedures for all Nationality and Naturalization Certificates: Inquiry and Standard of Proof

(22) The Issuing Authority inquires into the facts relating to an application.

(23) The responsibility to adduce sufficient evidence to support the application remains primarily with the applicant.

(24) The applicant may establish the facts supporting his/her application by documentary evidence.

(25) The applicant must provide a witness(es) who is/are believed to be elders and next of kin.

(26) Where documentary evidence is not available to support an application, the Issuing Authority takes into consideration sworn statements by any witnesses adduced by the applicant. Such witnesses may be, primarily but not only,

  1. Community leaders,
  2. Traditional authorities,
  3. Church and/or religious leaders,
  4. County, Payam, and/or Boma officials,
  5. Chiefs and/or sub-chiefs from the applicant’s local indigenous group;
  6. Relations of the applicant, or
  7. Any other persons of good standing who has own first-hand knowledge of the identity of the applicant.

(27) The Issuing Authority decides on the application on the basis of the preponderance of evidence, considering whether the facts alleged by the applicant are more likely to be true than not.

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Themes: Acquisition de la nationalité, Perte et déchéance de la nationalité
Regions: Afrique de l'Est, Soudan du sud
Year: 2011