Struggling to find solutions: Liberian refugees in Ghana

Published: 1/May/2012
Source: UNHCR

By Naohiko Omata

This paper investigates the challenges of resolving the protracted Liberian refugee situation in Ghana. despite the restored stability in Liberia and the unfavourable living conditions in exile, as of 2011, there were still about 11,000 Liberian refugees in the Buduburam refugee settlement in Ghana. For the last several years, the volume of humanitarian aid for this refugee population as been sharply dwindling whereas refugees’ livelihoods have been constrained due to various impediments. Given the few benefits of remaining in Ghana as refugees, it is a conundrum for he UN refugee agency to understand why a considerable number of Liberian refugees have not returned to their country of origin.

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Themes: Nationality and Refugees
Regions: Ghana, Liberia
Year: 2012