Egyptian nationality: Revoked, regained and relinquished

Published: 22/Apr/2018
Source: Egypt Today

CAIRO –  There has been a great deal of interest regarding the latest new amendments to the Egyptian nationality law. Egypt Today explains the reasons for withdrawal of Egyptian nationality, how to regain it and the legal amendments pertaining to it.

On September 21, 2017, Parliament issued an amendment to the law regarding the withdrawal of nationality: “Egyptian citizenship will be withdrawn from the person who is found guilty of participating in a terrorist act, communicating with terrorists or gathering information for terrorists.”

This means that Egyptian citizenship will be withdrawn from any terrorists after a final verdict is issued by the court.

Supporters of the amendment consider it as protecting the national security of the country from terrorists and enemies. On the other hand, opponents say that this amendment violates constitutional law and that nationality is the right of every citizen, which cannot be stolen by any law.


In the same context, on April 19, the official Gazette, issued by the Cabinet of Prime Minister Sherif Ismail, withdrew the Egyptian citizenship of a Moroccan citizen because she obtained Egyptian citizenship through fraud and false statements.

Meanwhile, citizenship was also withdrawn from a large number of Palestinians who received it during the era of ousted President Mohammed Morsi; the most prominent of these personalities being Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar.

Sources told Egypt Today that the total number of Palestinians who obtained Egyptian citizenship in the era of Morsi was around 8,000, most of which were obtained fraudulently.

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