I am here, I belong: the urgent need to end childhood statelessness

Published: 3/Nov/2015
Source: UNHCR

In July and August 2015, UNHCR spoke to more than 250 children, young people, their parents and guardians, civil society and governments in seven countries: Côte d’Ivoire, the Dominican Republic, Georgia, Italy, Jordan, Malaysia and Thailand, about the experience of childhood statelessness. It was the first time that such a comprehensive and geographically encompassing consultation on the views of stateless children and youth had ever been undertaken. It was also the first time that most of these young people had ever spoken to anyone about what it was like to be stateless.

Drawing on individual testimonies collected during these consultations, this report demonstrates how statelessness can significantly impair the ability of children to learn, grow, play and lead productive and fulfilling lives. It highlights how statelessness can create insurmountable barriers that prevent access to education and adequate health care and stifles job prospects. It reveals the devastating psychological toll that statelessness can take not only on young people but also their families, communities and countries.

Download file: UNHCR, I am Here, I Belong


Themes: Acquisition by children, International standards, Statelessness
Regions: International
Year: 2015