Liberia Constitution 1986, Chapter 4, Citizenship

Published: 3/Jul/1984

Replacing the 1847 Constitution suspended by a coup d’état on 12 April 1980. The new constitution was prepared by a National Constitution Committee and approved by referendum on 3 July 1984. It entered into force on 6 January 1986.


Article 27

a) All persons who, on the coming into force of this Constitution were lawfully citizens of
Liberia shall continue to be Liberian citizens.

b) In order to preserve, foster and maintain the positive Liberian culture, values and character,
only persons who are Negroes or of Negro descent shall qualify by birth or by naturalization
to be citizens of Liberia.

c) The Legislature shall, adhering to the above standard, prescribe such other qualification
criteria for and the procedures by which naturalization may be obtained.

Article 28
Any person, at least one of whose parents was a citizen of Liberia at the time of the person’s
birth, shall be a citizen of Liberia; provided that any such person shall upon reaching maturity
renounce any other citizenship acquired by virtue of one parent being a citizen of another
country . No citizen of the Republic shall be deprived of citizenship or nationality except as
provided by law; and no person shall be denied the right to change citizenship or nationality


Qualification for office of president

Article 52

No person shall be eligible to hold the office of President or Vice-President, unless that person is:
a) a natural born Liberian citizen of not less than 35 years of age;
b) the owner of unencumbered real property valued at not less than twenty-five thousand dollars; and
c) resident in the Republic ten years prior to his election, provided that the President and the Vice-President shall not come from the same County.

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Themes: Acquisition of nationality, Loss and Deprivation of Nationality
Regions: West Africa, Liberia
Year: 1984