Liberia: Legislature Passes Amended Alien, Nationality Law Allowing Dual Citizenship

Published: 20/Jul/2022
Source: Front Page Africa (Monrovia)

By Henry Karmo

Capitol Hill, Monrovia – The two chambers of the Liberian Legislature has passed an amended the Country’s Alien and Nationality Law; legalizing dual citizenship for Liberians and people of Negro-decent.

However, the law prohibits people with dual citizenship from holding elected position in the Legislature and certain positions in the Executive including; the Presidency, Central Bank Governor, Finance Minister and Defense Minister, among others.

The Legislature decision on Tuesday was as a result of a conference Committee report submitted by both Houses of the Legislature, recommending the passage of the draft legislation.

In the Senate, the bill received huge support with only two Senators abstaining from the vote; while in the House of Representatives, 20 lawmakers voted in favor, one against and no abstention.


What’s In  the Bill?

Article 28 states: “Any person, at least one of whose parents was a citizen of Liberia at the time of the Person’s birth, shall be a citizen of Liberia; provided that any such person shall upon reaching maturity renounce any other citizenship acquired by virtue of one parent being a citizen of another country. No citizen of the Republic shall be deprived of citizenship or nationality except as provided by law, and no person shall be denied the right to change citizenship or nationality.”

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Themes: Acquisition by children, Discrimination, Ethnic/Racial/Religious, Gender, Dual Nationality
Regions: Liberia
Year: 2022