Mali-Mauritania: Emersion in the Karakoro Basin

Published: 1/Jan/2009
Source: OECD


This issue focuses on the Karakoro basin, situated in the pre-Sahelian zone between Mali and Mauritania. Local border populations and their respective governors are demonstrating a strong commitment to border development. Farming, sedentary and transhumant livestock breeding are the main activities of the populations on both riversides. The Karakoro basin takes part in one of the four pilot initiatives conducted within the ECOWAS Cross-border Co-operation Initiatives Programme (CIP). This issue presents the Karakoro basin settlement programme, co-ordinated by the Research and Project Implementation Group for Rural Development (GRDR), natural resources, cross-border issues as well as interviews with local, national and international representatives.

Agreement Concerning Transhumance Between The Republic of Mali And The Islamic Republic of Mauritania reproduced at pp.8-10.

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Themes: Sub-regional Standards, ID Documents and Passports
Regions: Mauritania, Mali