Sudan: Mazin Adil Ali Deng and others v. Ministry of Interior and another

Published: 23/Août/2016
Source: Sudan Constitutional Court

Judgement of the Sudan Constitutional Court in which it was held that the children of a Sudanese mother and South Sudanese father who lost nationality on the secession of South Sudan had the right to Sudanese nationality.

The Court judgement includes the following ruling:

« We state clearly and unambiguously that every person born to a Sudanese mother or Sudanese father shall have the right to enjoy the Sudanese nationality in accordance with Article 7 of the Interim National Constitution of 2005 and that shall not be abrogated by law or regulation. »

Download Judgement:

Mazin Ali Deng vs Minister of Interior (English)

Mazin Ali Deng vs Minister of Interior (Arabic)

Themes: Acquisition de la nationalité, Acquisition par les enfants, Discrimination, Sexuelle, Succession d'États, Nouveaux Etats
Regions: Soudan
Year: 2016