Sudanese Nationality Act (Amendment) 2018

Published: 30/Déc/2018

Pursuant to the provisions of the Sudan Interim Constitution 2005, the National Assembly passed and the President of the Republic signed the following Act:

Title and commencement of the Act

1- This Act shall be cited as the ‘Sudanese Nationality Act (Amendment) 2018’ and shall come into force on the date of signature.


2- The Sudanese Nationality Act 1994 shall be amended as follows:

A) In article 3, the following term and its interpretation should be added:
“Domicile” means permanent residence of a person in the place where he resides and he come back to it as his permanent residence place, it does not include a place where he resides temporarily.

B) In article 4(4) to add the phrase: “domiciled in Sudan” after the phrase “Sudanese by naturalization”.

C) In article 10, section 2 shall be repealed and replaced by the following new section :
(2) (a) without prejudice to article 4 section 3, Sudanese nationality shall automatically be revoked if the person has acquired, de jure or de facto, the nationality of South Sudan.
(2) (b) the Minister may exempt any person from the application of section 2 (a) if it’s proved that his ancestors domiciled in Sudan in or before the first of January 1924.

D) In article 16, the phrase “or the person from whom it was withdrawn” shall be removed.

30 December 2018

Adopted by National Assembly Meeting No. 13, 4th Session, dated 6 November 2018.

[Unofficial translation by UNHCR]

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Themes: Acquisition de la nationalité, Perte et déchéance de la nationalité
Regions: Soudan
Year: 2018