The Identity Ecosystem of Rwanda: A Case Study of a Performant ID System in an African Development Context

Published: 1/May/2016
Source: ID4Africa

By Dr. Joseph J. Atick

As this report details, the identity ecosystem in Rwanda is in a very good overall state of development and supports the daily personal identification needs in the physical world today, and should be capable of supporting the digital transformation aspirations of the country down the line. Under the vision of Digital Rwanda (Irembo, see Figure 1) more and more services and economic transactions are being delivered electronically1 for the increased convenience of the population and for improved efficiency and transparency, and over time those will require a bona fide e-ID, like what the country has put in place.

Download report: ID4Africa Report on Rwanda ID system

Themes: Identity Documents, Birth Registration, ID Documents and Passports
Regions: Rwanda
Year: 2016