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Sierra Leone’s dual nationality constitutional fiasco

Published: 15/Jan/2018
Source: Sierra Leone Telegraph

By Abdul Rashid Thomas On the 9th of January 2018, Cocorioko Newspaper wrote that the “ruling All People’s Congress (APC) will be adhering to Section 76(1), Act No. 6 of the 1991 constitution, in awarding symbols for the forthcoming Parliamentary…

Zimbabwe: Posa, Police Act set for amendment

Published: 11/Jan/2018
Source: Zimbabwe Mail

GOVERNMENT is set to amend the Public Order and Security Act (Posa), the Police Act as well as the Citizenship Act as part of an initiative to align legislation with the Constitution. Outlining his Ministry’s 100 day plan, Justice Legal…

Who Loses When a Country Puts Citizenship Up for Sale?

Published: 5/Jan/2018
Source: New York Times

By ATOSSA ARAXIA ABRAHAMIAN Comoro Islands is a tiny East African country with stunning white beaches, a large active volcano and a population just shy of 800,000. Some 150,000 Comorans live in metropolitan France, which governed the Comoros until 1975.…

From Victims to Change Makers | Mustafa Mahmoud | TEDxEuston

Published: 3/Jan/2018
Source: TEDx

Mustafa educated the TEDxEuston audience about the inequality faced by the Nubian community in Kenya. He takes us through his quest of how he was able to go beyond being a victim to a change maker. He explains how important…

Gender-based violence among stateless and national populations in Cote d’Ivoire

Published: 3/Jan/2018
Source: US Department of State

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Global estimates suggest that approximately 10 million people worldwide are living without any legal citizenship. Stateless persons face overwhelming obstacles that limit their access to basic entitlements and protections, leaving them vulnerable to discrimination and abuse. Research on…

Kenya: Promoting access to legal identity and documentation

Published: 2/Jan/2018
Source: Norwegian Refugee Council

By Fatuma Abdullahi My child was born in in 2013. We were asked to come back after six months for his birth certificate. It’s taken years.” Yuwil and his wife are from Sudan, they moved to Kakuma in 2006 fleeing…

Nigéria: Apatridie, la face cachée de la guerre contre Boko Haram

Published: 2/Jan/2018
Source: Jeune Afrique

« Je viens de Amchidé, au Cameroun (à trois kilomètres de la frontière nigériane) mais comme je n’ai pas de papiers d’identité, mon pays ne me reconnaît pas. Je suis exclue. On nous a envoyé dans ce camp avec mes enfants,…

Blocked from Europe, migrants settle in Morocco

Published: 27/Dec/2017
Source: Arab News / AFP

RABAT: Unable to reach Europe in search of a better life, Aliou Ndiaye settled in Morocco instead, giving up on his original goal like thousands of other sub-Saharan African migrants. […] Despite Morocco’s new migration policies and the kingdom’s efforts…