Ugandans of Rwandan Origin Move to Drop “Banyarwanda” Name Over Growing Segregation

Published: 15/Mar/2021

By Sam Waswa

Ugandans who have origins in neighboring Rwanda are pushing for renaming of their ethnicity from “Banyarwanda” to “Abavandimwe” or “Brethren”.

The proposal is meant to address growing concerns about these people who have legal claim on Ugandan nationality, being discriminated and denied services both at the communal and government level.

The name change is being floated by the “Council of Abavindimwe” which was previously known the “Council for Banyarwanda”.

Addressing press at Kampala Serena Hotel on Monday, the council members noted that Ugandan citizens with Rwanda heritage, including those born and raised in Uganda have for decades continued to suffer discrimination because they are branded as “Banyarwanda” which means Rwandan nationals.

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