Egypt-Sudan Four Freedoms Agreement

Published: 9/Sep/2004

Agreement on freedom of movement, residence, work and property ownership between the government of the Arab Republic in Egypt and the government of the Republic of the Sudan.

In fulfilment of the wish of the two brotherly peoples of Egypt and Sudan and their aspirations for unity, progress and  the formulation of a new way of life on the land of the  valley of the Nile,

Based upon the instructions of the highest political leadership in the two countries at the summit meeting in Cairo on 18 January 2004 concerning the grant of freedoms in respect of movement, residence,  work and property ownership to the citizens of the two countries, and

With a view to entrenching the ongoing strategic interdependence partnership as reflected in the decisions of the Joint High Committee,

The government of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the government of the Republic of the Sudan have agreed to apply the principle of reciprocity in implementing the provisions of this agreement as set out below:


Paragraph 2: Right of movement and residence

Residence, movement and entry and exit to or from either of the two countries shall be on the basis of a valid passport or other document or documents agreed by the two parties, within the territory of the two states or through the points of entry by land, sea or air officially recognised by the two countries.

Paragraph 3: Right to work and to own property

(i)  Citizens of either country shall enjoy the right to work and to practise professions or crafts or different forms of employment in the other country;  international and Arab agreements to which the two countries are parties with regard to the matter shall continue to be respected.

(ii)  The two countries agree that their citizens shall enjoy the right to own and to derive benefit from land, real estate and moveable property and to dispose thereof, and to establish companies and partnerships, and to take the necessary legislative and executive measures to that end.


Download file (English unofficial translation): Egypt-Sudan_Four_Freedoms_agreement

Themes: State Succession, Border Changes
Regions: East Africa, Sudan, North Africa, Egypt
Year: 2004