Gambia ‘restores’ ID Cards contract to Semlex

Published: 15/Feb/2018
Source: The Point (Gambia)

The minister of Justice has announced that the government finally agreed to restore, rather than award, the national identity productions contract to Belgian biometrics company, Semlex.

“After a whole year of consideration of this matter, culminating in the establishment of a Ministerial Taskforce…the Government has decided to recognise and restore the subsisting June 2016 Contract with Semlex which was purportedly terminated by the previous government shortly after the contract was executed with the Ministry of Interior in 2016,” Ba Tambadou told journalists at the Victims’ Centre in Kololi yesterday.

SEMLEX GROUP said “after a year of negotiations and presentations” with Gambian Task Force, has been awarded with an agreement “for the Implementation of Solution for Biometric documents of the Republic of Gambia”, signed in Banjul on June 16, 2016.

The purpose of this agreement, according to a media dispatch from the company of February 6th 2018, “is to build, operate and transfer in favour of The Gambian government a technical infrastructure aiming at producing the necessary highly secured biometric documents for identification and authentication.”

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