More apply for Lesotho citizenship

Published: 16/Apr/2011
Source: Sunday Express (Maseru)

Ntsebeng Motsoeli

MASERU  — Lesotho is experiencing an unprecedented surge in the number of people seeking to acquire the country’s citizenship, Deputy Prime Minister Lesao Lehohla has said.

Speaking in an interview with the Sunday Express on Friday Lehohla said Lesotho citizenship was highly on demand.

His comments came four days after Lesotho granted citizenship to 48 foreigners from various African and Asian countries on Monday.

“We have more than 3 000 pending applications. Lesotho citizenship is on demand since globalisation with Chinese and other nations coming into the country,” said Lehohla who doubles as home affairs minister.

This had forced the government to hike citizenship application fees six-fold, from M5 000 to M30 000.

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