Sierra Leone Government to Grant Citizenship to 100 Foreigners

Published: 4/Dec/2022
Source: Switsalone

By Ibrahim Mansaray

This year’s Sierra Leone-Diaspora Citizenship program has seen a record number of foreigners certified and set to be granted Sierra Leonean citizenship status. The program, which started in 2019 creates a platform for people whose DNA proves they have their ancestry in Sierra Leone to be granted citizenship.

The process starts off with interested persons doing a DNA test with African Ancestry, a company that created a new way for people across the Diaspora to reconnect with Africa and find their lost heritage.

This is followed up with a visit to a local tour operator to get personal documents such as passports for the applicants. It is then followed by recommendations that could come from any stakeholder in the country they are applying from.

This year’s granting of citizenship will be done by Sierra Leone’s President, H.E. Julius Maada Bio on December 5, at the State House in Freetown.

The Monument and Relics Commission’s Education and Outreach Manager, Mohamed Fari Kargbo who was speaking at a meeting with the would-be Sierra Leoneans said that the total number of people receiving citizenship this year is 100, the highest they have had so far. Most of the people, he said, are Americans.

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