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Kenya: The Pain of the Nubian Community

Published: 7/Sep/2021
Source: The Nation (Nairobi)

By Victor Raballa & Angeline Ochieng Over the years, different groups of Kenyans have sued the British government for one reason or another. There were maimed and bereaved families in Samburu that sued after unexploded ordnances were left behind by…

Afrique du Nord

Libya: Stateless Tuareg demand rights and inclusion ahead of elections

Published: 11/Sep/2021
Source: Middle East Eye

Communities are taking action as they challenge decades of discrimination at the hands of national and local authorities By Thomas McGee As Libya’s much-anticipated 24 December general elections edge closer, the last month has seen an intensification of frustration and…

Afrique australe

Zimbabwe: IDs are a basic right

Published: 10/Sep/2021
Source: Newsday (Harare)

REPORTS yesterday said the Registrar-General’s office would from Monday resume issuing birth certificates, passports and identity documents (IDs) after months of closure due to COVID-19 lockdowns. The exercise, we are told, would target the marginalised San community in Tsholotsho and…

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