Carte : combien coûtent les passeports en Afrique ?

Publié: 8/Juin/2017
Source: Jeune Afrique

Par Greg Roxburgh et Trésor Kibangula Après l’introduction de la biométrie en RDC, le passeport congolais est devenu l’un des plus onéreux du monde. Mais même à 164 euros pièce, ce n’est pas le le plus cher d’Afrique ! En…

Afrique centrale

Nigeria/Cameroon: We’re now stateless, Bakassi Indigenes cry out

Publié: 10/Juin/2017
Source: Vanguard (Abuja)

ABUJA – Natives of Bakassi Peninsula have cried out to the international community for assistance to be fully integrated into either Nigeria or Cameroon, saying they are at present, nearly stateless. They said since the 2002 judgment of the International…

Afrique de l'Est

Kenya: How life has changed for the Makonde community

Publié: 26/Juin/2017
Source: Daily Nation (Nairobi)

By Fadhili Fredrick Statelessness is a story that at its heart reveals the struggle of the human spirit to survive, of families believing in each other, and of communities who will stop at nothing to identify themselves. It is almost…

Afrique du Nord

Afrique du sud

Zimbabwe: Dual Citizenship: Mudede sued

Publié: 24/Juin/2017
Source: Daily News (Harare)

By Tendai Kamhungira Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede has been dragged to the High Court by a citizen who is being denied permission to renew her Zimbabwean passport because she is a holder of a British passport. Tessa Mary Ball cited…

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