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Statelessness: Why Nationality Rights Are Crucial For African Women

Published: 28/Nov/2023
Source: Equality Now

Nationality rights encompass the legal acknowledgement of an individual’s connection to a specific nation. It confers upon them the status of a citizen or a national. These rights are especially significant for women, granting them the vital ability to pass […]

Central Africa

East Africa

Kenya: High Court suspends issuance of new digital IDs

Published: 5/Dec/2023
Source: The Star (Nairobi)

The High Court has suspended new digital IDs and urged the government not to register persons or issue new generation IDs. Justice John Chigiti has issued the orders after certifying the matter as urgent. An application filed at Milimani law […]

North Africa

As an African, is it easy to obtain a passport in your country?

Published: 24/Nov/2023
Source: Ghana Business News

By Emmanuel K Dogbevi Applying for and getting a travel document such as a passport in most African countries can be a traumatic experience for most citizens. Despite advances in technology, which normally should improve service delivery in particular for […]

Southern Africa

West Africa

Cote d’Ivoire: La modification de la loi portant code de la nationalité adopté par les députés de la Commission des Affaires Générales et Institutionnelles

Published: 7/Dec/2023
Source: Direction de l’Information et de la Communication de l’Assemblée nationale de la Cote d'Ivoire

Le projet de loi modifiant la loi n°61-415 du 14 décembre 1961 portant code de la nationalité telle que modifiée par les lois n°72-852 du 21 décembre 1972, n°2004-662 du 17 décembre 2004 et n°2013-654 du 13 décembre 2013, a […]