Constitution of the Republic of Namibia 1990

Published: 21/Mar/1990

Chapter 2 provides for citizenship. In relation to those born after independence in 1990, the law provides for citizenship on the basis of descent from a father or mother with Namibian citizenship, and in addition for children born in Namibia to acquire citizenship

“whose fathers or mothers are ordinarily resident in Namibia at the time of the birth of such persons: provided that their fathers or mothers are not then persons:
(aa) enjoyingdiplomatic immunity in Namibia under any law relating todiplomatic privileges; or
(bb)Who are career representatives of another country; or
(cc)who are members of any police, military or security unit seconded forservice within Namibia by the Government of another country; or
(dd)who are illegal immigrants:
provided further that Sub-Articles (aa), (bb), (cc) and (dd) hereof will notapply to children who would otherwise be stateless.”

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Themes: Acquisition of nationality, Loss and Deprivation of Nationality
Regions: Southern Africa, Namibia
Year: 1990